2020+1 Programme

Auchmithie Haar Live

Saturday 10 July two performances 1:30pm and 3:00pm

A very special live event for Arbroath2020+1. Auchmithie Haar group brings Auchmithie’s past vividly back to life through a live history performance taking place at Arbroath harbour fish sheds this July.

Arbroath Fish Market

Saturday 10 July two performances 1:30pm and 3:00pm

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the audience numbers are limited and pre- booking is essential.

£2 entry, children under 12 free (under 12s must book free ticket)

The Heritage Arts Auchmithie Residents –The Haar are a group of  Auchmithie folk, who fifteen years ago decided to celebrate and keep alive the fishing history and lore of Auchmithie. They do this through delving into all the writings and photos of the area and bringing some of the characters back to life in re- enactments that we perform in and around Auchmithie. In recent years, requests to the group to bring our stories out and about has taken us all over Angus and beyond to tell these stories.

‘We look forward to telling them in Arbroath Harbour Fish sheds this summer.—and Jeannie and Maggie will get all dressed in their best to welcome you’. Ann Craig

Maggie Brown Violet Thomson 
Davina Campbell & Sheena McKinnes


Now  that’s come up real bonnie. I wis feart that glaur widnae come oot.


Whit daes it metter, the colour o’ yir petticoat?  Wha’s gaein’ tae see it onywey?

Annie (me) ( chuckling)

She’s hopin some lad’ll birl her aff her feet at the dance the nicht.  The hale village will see her bonny lace petticoat


Nae decent lass wid show aff her nether things!


Och, there’s nae fun in bein’ decent – is there Annie?


Aye, it starts wi’ a birl at the dance -an’ ends wi’ ye up tae yer oxters in shitey hippens an’  smelly socks!!


Awa wi ye Maggie! Ye ken ye love him dearly.  Smelly feet an a’.!   An’ ye hiv six bairns tae prove it!!! 

Come and see more of Annie, Maggie & Jeannie and hear their songs too in July when we are allowed. The ticketed and socially distanced performance will take place twice. Tickets will be promoted later in May.