Auchmithie H.A.A.R

Heritage Arts Auchmithie Residents

The HAAR group has been in existence since 2005, during this time it has developed, produced & organised 14 successful HAAR festivals. These celebrate the rich fishing heritage of the area by re-enacting known historical events and illustrating real stories about Auchmithie from 1769 – 1940s…with some added flavour!

The HAAR is open to the whole community in Auchmithie but it has contributed to celebrating and valuing the history of the fisher way of life in Arbroath and all coastal Angus areas. It will continue to include as many people as possible by supplying what is needed to participate and will continue to seek and preserve documentation of this era which is again open to everyone for research and interest.

The HAAR are key contributors in the Arbroath arts and heritage Trail and will be producing static and live activity for July 20201.

Auchmithie HAAR promotes and organises an Open Doors arts festival to exhibit and promote local professional and amateur artists and practitioners work. These have been extremely successful and can attract up to 1000 people over the course of the weekend.

The groups record of staging successful events brings their continued appeal to local people and to the people of Angus. Regularly invited to take part in cultural events including Angus Councils Tartan Week, Lifeboat & community Galas, Angus Councils Rural Engagement events and regular performances for discovery tours.

The committee are made up of a variety of 13 people with a wide variety of life experiences, Art Teacher, Nurses, Drama Teacher, Secretaries, Community Development Workers, Hospital Director. Plus all the extra people who take part and support the events as village wide effort.

In meteorology, haar or sea fret is a cold sea fog. It occurs most often on the east coast of  Scotland between April and September, when warm air passes over the cold North Sea.