2020+1 Programme / The Making of a Pageant 1947-2005

Call for Memories and Memorabilia

As part of gathering stories and memorabilia for the digital programme The Making of a Pageant 1947-2005 we welcome you to take part in building a picture of the Pageants in Arbroath.

Did you attend or participate in the Arbroath Abbey Pageants of 1947-2005?

Do you have any particular memories of the Pageants which you’d like to share?

Did you save any souvenirs or photos from them?

We’re preparing a digital programme including a series of articles, online talks and podcasts celebrating the Pageant as part of the Arbroath 2020+1 festival and are looking for anyone who remembers the pageants to share their memories and memorabilia with us!

We’re interested in pictures, clippings, film footage (including Cine film) and any souvenirs you have!

If you would like to contribute please send an email to info@arbroathfestival.com or DM @Arbroath2021

Call 01242 656 124 and we can discuss the best way to connect.

Or you could in the first instance complete our questionnaire

Image courtesy of Lesley O Thomas.

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The Making of a Pageant 1947-2005

Online series of content

A special Arbroath 2020+1 community heritage exhibition within the Brothock & Corsar Galleries, Arbroath Library. Exploring the town’s extraordinary tradition of Pageantry in the 20th Century.

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