2020+1 Programme / Ruffs Dogs in the Park

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As part of Pageant for Gallivants over 26 dogs took part in Ruffs medieval themed dog fashion shoot. Dog owners from Arbroath rose to the sewing challenge and crafted marvellous regal coats and accessories and took part in a fashion shoot on Sunday 4 July.

Below is the Gallery of images, the society page of Ruffs Summer Season sensations. An event that has grown four legs and will return!

Picture credits: Paul Reid

The dress rehearsal

Photography by Neil Hanna

Part of...

Ruffs Dogs in the Park

Sunday 4 July from 2pm, book your time slot

A a socially distanced medieval themed fashion photo shoot. Inspired by historic pageantry, dress your Furbulous dogs in medieval show-stopping regal coats.  

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