2020+1 Programme

New Declarations

NEW DECLARATIONS is an original collaborative poem – a statement of values, hopes and intentions for our shared world. Inspired by the form and content of the Declaration of Arbroath (1320), this new letter combines multiple voices, while also creating space for those who are absent or often excluded.

Grazyna Branicka, Rachael Gorman, Francesca Hanmer, Margaret Jennings, Rion Mann, Emma Rankin, Rebecca Sharp, Blythe Stockdale, Emily Taylor.

Authors contributed individual short pieces of writing following a series of workshops with writer and lead artist Rebecca Sharp in Marchand May 2021, in partnership with Hospital eld and Scottish PEN. The full collaborative text was edited and compiled by RebeccaSharp, honouring individual voices while weaving them together to a cohesive whole.

During this event...

New Declarations

Launches 6 April 2021

Artist-led online collective writing project. What does freedom mean, now? Devised for Arbroath 2020+1 by artist and writer Rebecca Sharp.

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