2020+1 Programme / Pageant for Gallivants

Monumental Youth Future Relic

A short film by Mandy McIntosh

Monumental Youth Future Relic is a short presentation video collage by Mandy McIntosh. Mandy was working as lead artist for Arbroath 2020 Pageant Procession and is now reworking it into Arbroath Town Pageant Trail. During winter and up to lockdown Mandy had been creating spectacular pageant puppets and costumes with community groups and schools. These will all feature next year as part of Arbroath Town Pageant Trail.

This video represents the work of everyone who has been involved in the making of the Arbroath Pageant during 2020. This is a virtual de-populated procession after celebrations were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mandy McIntosh was commissioned by Arbroath 2020 to be the lead artist for Arbroath Pageant Procession in 2020.

Mandy is an artist from Glasgow who was in Arbroath since December 2019 working on this project.

‘I have been working with the people of Arbroath to ensure the Pageant Procession brings the history of the Declaration, the pageantry, traditions and life of the town directly to the street in a vibrant, layered  way. Lots of local schools, organisations and community groups are taking part, all making their own contributions. Everything will knit together so the Pageant Procession makes people inspired and proud with  strong visual presence and beautiful things to look at.
I’m passionate about providing creative platforms where individuals, groups and communities can work on their own terms to make artworks that are both striking and empowering. I hope that the people of Arbroath see this as a starting point for a revival of the creativity and history of their town. ‘


Part of...

Pageant for Gallivants

2 July-8 August 2021

Outdoor arts and heritage trail 2020+1 artist Mandy McIntosh has reimagined and reformatted a people’s procession into an extraordinary multi-location public artwork. Arbroath will host these works and micro-events during July. Pageant for Gallivants is a dispersed, atomised public artwork weaving playful and engaging visual narratives directly into the shop windows and fabric of the town. The audience will become the player processing from point-to-point safely under their own steam, exploring outdoor installations, pop-up micro-events and geo-located audio.

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