2020+1 Programme

Arbroath Murals Project

A public art movement in the town of Arbroath, working with locally based artists, working hard to brighten up parts of the town. Creating work about the town and its people.

Lead artist Tina Aburrow alongside Councillor Lois Speed, fashioned a plan for Murals across the town starting in the Subway. A collection of works depicting Arbroath’s past, present and future. Bringing on board 5 Arbroath based artists to share this excellent opportunity and see the town through their eyes. 3 of the designs have been created by members of the public through a reach out appeal.

A group of 6 Arbroath based artists are creating a range of Stamps depicting the town, past, present and future.
There will be 36 stamps in total, highlighting the famous Arbroath victory against Bon Accord of 36-0! Stamps have been chosen as the framing for the works as the creator of stamps, James Chalmers, was from the toon!
We have been given a run down area of the town to decorate and adorn with gorgeous works to help celebrate Arbroath!
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