2020+1 Programme


2 July- 8 August 2021

For the Pageant for Gallivants Town Trail, the Woolly Workers are creating a fantastic large-scale knitted outdoor public sculpture: Abrinca the Unicorn. Over the next few months this array of crochet and knitting will be fixed and arranged onto the willow-body of a magical unicorn, creating the most dazzling beast in Aberbrothock. Arbroath can rest assured no unicorns have been hurt in the process of creating this magical beast! All Arbroath can meet their very own Unicorn, Abrinca 

Woolly Workers are a local voluntary arts group creating eye-popping yarn bomb displays in and around Arbroath.

They are hard at work creating an amazing large scale sculpture that is a major instillation for Arbroath Town Pageant Trail.