2020+1 Programme / 2020+1 Festival Flags

701 Flags

To mark the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath in 2020 Dundee Print Collective created a series of striking festival flag designs inspired by collaborative workshops with community and schools.

Now its 2021 we challenge you to join in and create 701 flags for Arbroath2020+1.

Your flag you design will be displayed as part of a large art trail in Arbroath Town Centre from July.

Watch the video and see how easy it is!


Collage a Flag Instructions

Blank A4 sheet paper provided

Ruler, anything for drawing: pencil, black pen, crayon

Scissors and glue if you want to do collage

Cut out shapes and patterns from

the printed sheets

Arrange the cut out shapes on the page

You could also cut out words from a newspaper of magazine

Try to fill one of our flag outlines like the examples below.

Watch the ‘how to’ video to see how our examples were made.

Follow the Draw a Flag Instructions from the pdf below

The flag activity is restricted to black and white designs only and can be done on plain paper. This is so Dundee Print collective can easily collate all the designs into one big public art mural.

Design A Flag for Arbroath2020+1

A worksheet with details on how to create your own wonderful flag


Display in your window on 6 April to mark the 701 anniversary of Arbroath

Take a picture of your flag and share with us via social media @arbroath2021 #Arbroath2021 #701flags


For your flag to become part of 701 Flags in Arbroath for July submit your design by 28 May.

Submit via social media facebook and instagram

Thank you for taking part, we cant wait to see your designs

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2020+1 Festival Flags

2 July - 8 August 2021

Dundee Print Collective have been commissioned to design a series of festival flags to mark the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath were installed and displayed on Arbroath High St transforming the town into a riot of colour.

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