Woolly Workers ‘Abrinca’ Creation

Woolly Workers are a local voluntary arts group creating eye-popping yarn bomb displays in and around Arbroath.
They are hard at work creating an amazing large scale sculpture that is a central character in the Community Pageant Procession.
On the festival weekend a clan of knitted and crafted centenary Scottish Guards will be in position on town centre bollards.

Fit O' The Toon, Arbroath

“Here lies a portion of the pelt of Arboath’s 2020 Unicorn ‘Abrinca’.

The Arbroath Woolly workers are creating a fantastic large scale sculpture for the Pageant Procession.

Over the next few weeks this array of crochet and knitting will be fixed and arranged onto our magical unicorn willow body, creating the most dazzling beast in Aberbrothock. Arbroath can rest assured no unicorns have been hurt in the process of creating this magical beast! All Arbroath can meet their very own Unicorn, Abrinca on the People’s Procession on Sunday 5th April”


This year Woolly Workers will install another eye popping yarn bomb display at The Fit O The Toon In Arbroath.
Last summer, visitors came from far and wide to see the woolly spectacle.

Photographs and selfies bounced around the globe of the colourful, yarn display.

Woolly Workers realised that we could not let the Arbroath 2020 celebrations pass without another Fit O’ The Toon yarn bomb to capture imaginations.

This year from 31st May until late September visitors will be treated to a feast for the eyes in the form of our ‘Field O’Flooers’ (Field of Flowers)

This display will consist of giant willow flower skeletons covered in colourful yarn work created by our team of over 25 Woolly Workers.

There will be giant sunflowers the height of lamposts, a gorgeous field of crochet and knitted wild flowers, buzzing bees, brilliant butterflies, dottie dragonflies, plus a ladybird parade

Thank You to Our Funders

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