Over Lunan

Angus Farquhar’s first monumental landscape work with Aproxima Arts
A hypnotic Environmental Art production will take place on sand and sea during May 2021 as a festival showpiece .

Sept 2020
Angus Coastline

Aproxima Arts are producing an awe-inspiring environmental art production at a secret coastal location in Angus. The large-scale environmental sonic artwork traces flood mythology through 8,000 years takes its inspiration from one of Scotland’s nationally important natural assets.

The production will be breath-taking in its scale and visual impact.

About the artists

Aproxima Arts create unusual events in unusual places.

Director Angus Farquhar and Lead Designer James Johnson have worked together for over 20 years, creating immersive, participatory cultural events as part of NVA and independently. Notable works include ‘Hinterland,’ St Peters Seminary, Argyll and Bute 2016 and ‘Speed of Light’ for the 2012 Olympics and world tour.


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