Karen Elliot

Karen Elliot is a Scottish Artist, Entrepreneur and Bollywood location scout. Born in Arbroath in 1966 and now based in Inverkeilor after years of inspiring global travel, where she established successful small businesses in various locations, immersing herself in those communities. Collaborating and the art of musing bring her great joy.

A consistent explorer of all creative mediums with a ‘’have a go’’ attitude,
She is currently studying acting and performance at Dundee and Angus College, after many years of Extra work in short films and Bollywood blockbusters, and previously spending three years in the Art, Design and Ceramics studios.
A developer of inclusive Arts related community exhibitions, grass roots events and fundraisers, her most recent arts based projects include
One of the artists on ’’The Arbroath Mural Project’’.

’’True Hearted’’- ceramic WW1 commemorative public sculpture.
Painting techniques on a life sized space ship made for the short film ‘’Tellurian’’.

Sculptural millinery worn in Barcelona in an Immersive hat exhibition.
Prize winner of Visual displays.
Meditative beach hut installation with an environmentally conscious wild flower seed puppet garden at the Auchmithie Arts Festival.
‘’Punk Apple Pinny’’ designs for the Clattering Cavelry, Arbroath 2021 festival.

Currently collaborating on ‘’sea washed light’’.

Karen is a founding member of the ‘’Arbroath Pippins Community Orchard’’ conservation project with the aim of Free Food For All.
And a committee member of Arbroath Community courthouse trust which aims to bring a new arts centre to the town.